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Camping Equipment & Accessories

Gamin specialise in navigation technology for the outdoor adventurer. Their premium collection of Garmin GPS watches delivers unparalleled sports functionality for hikers, runners and skiers. Worth your investment, Garmin watches record your route, pace, vital signs and activity tracking right on your wrist, feeding you the essential information you need to beat your best.

Unlock the terrain and next level performance with these rugged outdoor sports watches from Garmin, including their most popular ranges; the Fenix and Forerunner. Walkers and geocache enthusiasts will also enjoy Garmin’s handheld GPS devices which fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and give you accurate route details to keep you on track. These user-friendly systems use satellites to feed data constantly to your GPS device so you can see your position and route. All Garmin watches and GPS handheld devices are built to withstand outdoor adventure. Garmin watches will deliver personalised data to you which is specific to your outdoor activity, making them perfect tech companions for runners, walkers, mountain guides and skiers.