Warming Up at The Crag

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Remembering to warm up at crag may not seem important at the time, you’re excited to be outside and all you want to do is climb. However, without properly warming up you are more likely to injury yourself and prevent you from climbing for longer or stop you climbing whilst you recover. At Blacks, we have included some advice on how to warm up at the crag and stay warm whilst climbing.

Warming Up Advice

Sometimes the walk-ins can be enough to get your blood pumping especially if you’re carrying plenty of gear or pads to the crag but if not, you should start your warm up with a run around the crag or star jumps to get your blood pumping.

It’s sometimes easy to forget that you need to stretch before climbing when outside. But you shouldn’t forget stretching helps activate your muscles so when you’re ready to climb you aren’t wasting time, energy and skin waiting for your body to get used to the movement. Remember to do your normal pre-climb stretch routine when at the crag.

Now depending on what you have set out to the crag to do, you should look to start climbing on routes that are well below your grade to get your body and muscles used to moving on the rock so when you’re ready to jump onto your project when your body is ready to perform at its best.

If however, your project climb requires you to pull on small crimps that you are unlikely to find on the lower grade climbs then a portable hangboard may prove best to help you warm up your tendons and prevent injury. You just have to find a tree, low bolt or crack that you attach the hangboard to and start some basic finger training exercises that will work for your project.

Keeping Warm Between Climbs

Staying warm at the crag is always important when you are resting between climbs. During the winter this is especially important because you will cool down quick without insulated clothing. We would recommend having a large coat that can be thrown on and off and also have gloves and thick socks that you can put on quickly so you can stay warm.

If you want to step up your crag warmth then why not bring heating pads with you, enjoy guaranteed warmth that you can put in your gloves or shoes to warm up your extremities. Another staying warm at the crag hack is insulated wellies these wellingtons have a thermal lining and are completely waterproof perfect for winter climbing when the ground is wet and you need to keep your feet warm.


We hope this guide has given you an idea for how to keep warm and warm up whilst climbing outside. Be sure to share your Warm up techniques at the crag below in the comments.


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