This Is My Way: Katie's Story

Katie’s successes, in life and in sport, have been forged in adversity. Two Oxford degrees and a career as a doctor were won whilst battling depression. The search for a solution led her to running, which became a passion. To date Katie has completed two marathons, four half marathons, an aquathlon and a triathlon. And that’s all since February 2017. Who knows where her persistence, endurance and energy will take her in 2019.


Why Katie?

We wanted to work with Katie because her reasons for running are so universal, so relatable and her results so inspirational. We hope her story can promote personal wellbeing and encourage others to face their struggles productively.

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Neil used to be a bookworm, an "indoor" type if ever there was one. After finishing a PhD he writes short stories about spooky places and odd people. Living in Switzerland, the Canadian Rockies and the north east region of the USA convinced him that there was something to be said for this whole outdoor thing. Now he runs everywhere he can, competing in races most weekends and endlessly planning the next great adventure to some far flung part of the world. Recent trips include Costa Rica, where he tried and failed to surf; Vietnam, where he almost got stuck in an underground tunnel; and back to Canada, where he came face-to-face with a bear. Watch this space for further updates on Neil's global bumblings and the occasional athletic success.

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