This Is My Way: Jen's Story

Jen has been climbing competitively for over a decade and winning consistently. After victory in the Junior British Bouldering Championship in 2013, she has climbed into the adult rankings with aplomb. 2017 saw Jen gain first place at the British University Bouldering Championship and recreating her success from 2016, this year she was again crowned British Speed Climbing Champion. It’s an upward trajectory that mirrors her style; always looking to climb further, scale greater heights in her sport, and do it fast.

Jen has spent 2018 touring the world. Competing as far afield as Poland, China and Japan and honing her skills with some recreational climbs in Portugal, Greece and Sweden. It’s a testament to Jen’s global aspirations and confirms her aim to compete against the best of the world in the Olympics. The rock face is where Jen feels at home. It is her place.


Why Jen?

Jen’s aims are high, her aspirations global. She is building towards Olympic competition in her future and we want to accompany her on that journey whilst helping her inspire other young climbers to reach their own heights.

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Neil used to be a bookworm, an "indoor" type if ever there was one. After finishing a PhD he writes short stories about spooky places and odd people. Living in Switzerland, the Canadian Rockies and the north east region of the USA convinced him that there was something to be said for this whole outdoor thing. Now he runs everywhere he can, competing in races most weekends and endlessly planning the next great adventure to some far flung part of the world. Recent trips include Costa Rica, where he tried and failed to surf; Vietnam, where he almost got stuck in an underground tunnel; and back to Canada, where he came face-to-face with a bear. Watch this space for further updates on Neil's global bumblings and the occasional athletic success.

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