Thermoball ECO: The North Face's Eco Journey Continues

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Ready for Autumn/Winter 19 we're excited to announce the arrival of the brand new Thermoball™ ECO collection from The North Face. This is the latest step in the journey to integrate more sustainable materials, and specifically recycled content into product. Here is everything you need to know:

The Brand Journey

Since starting out in 1966, The North Face have continued to create gear for the expedition leaders, the back country explorers and the hard core adventurers. Throughout it all their aim has always been the same - to protect our outdoor playgrounds and communities through the design and development or environmentally and socially responsible products and business practices.

As we continue to learn about our ever-changing world and the massive impact our choices have on our environment, The North Face venture to incorporate more sustainable fabrics into their products and take responsibility for their products' end-of-life. They do this through a long-standing commitment to durability and their Clothes the Loop take-back program.

Next stop on their ECO-fabric journey - it's time to introduce Thermoball™ ECO

The North Face Brand Journey

The Objective

Pushing the limits of innovation, The North Face's Thermoball™ ECO is the next step in, 'The Evolution of Sustainable Insulation'.

At this moment 60-85% of The North Face's total environmental impact is due to material production and manufacturing.This figure is taken not from shipping to their customers (which they already work to offset), or consumer use; instead it comes from the production of materials and manufacturing products.

The North Face have consequently chosen to change the materials used in their largest collections to recycled fabrics. In the case of Thermoball ECO, The North Face is being reintroduced. They're taking plastic bottles and recycling them into fibres and fabrics. Therefore, Thermoball ECO is made using 100% recycled insulation which has given the equivalent of 3.6 million plastic bottles a new life this Autumn/Winter season.

Thermoball ECO


The Process

As the collection arrives ready for Autumn/Winter, The North Face have taken the time to create styles refitted specifically for the outdoor enthusiasts. For example, the women's pieces will have an increased length and shaped hem for extra everyday coverage.

In order to distinguish the ECO products from the others, there will be gender specific greens used on the labels to ensure you know exactly how sustainable your clothing really is.

Every Thermoball™ ECO garment will reuse up to 25 plastic bottles, ensure a significant reduction in energy use in production and yet still provide the equivalent of 600 fill goose down in warmth.

The Thermoball™ ECO clothing will be made using 100% recycled outer fabrics and THEN fitted with the Thermoball™ ECO insulation inside. This fully recycled fabric construction ensures sustainability is at the forefront of every product in the range.

ECO Friendly The North Face

process 2

ECO impact

The Next Step

The North Face's overall goal is to use recycled fibres in all of their core products. From the winter fleeces to the quick-drying t-shirts, the whole North Face is set for big things. As their production line etches continuously towards a fully recyclable process they have also made commitments in other areas. Off the production line they have offset carbon emissions from e-commerce and shipping to customers for 9 years.

The North Face continue to fulfil their never ending commitment to protecting the planet and we can't wait to see what the future holds.

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