The Meek Family Review Our Camping Essentials

The Meek Family love spending time in the outdoors and enjoy camping in tents, hammocks or even bivvies! For them, camping is about travelling light, not taking the kitchen sink; only taking a few essential items and enjoying the simplicity of the great outdoors.

On a recent trip we asked them to check out a few camping items that they wouldn't normally use. Here are their thoughts:

Eurohike Family Picnic Table Set

We like to sit around a table and share mealtimes together and this is just as important when you are camping. In the past we've had a cheap, portable picnic table that wobbled and broke easily. The Eurohike Picnic table is good quality set that comfortably seats 6 people. It comprises of a table, with adjustable legs to ensure a level surface no matter what the terrain, two benches and two collapsible stools.

The stools and benches fold flat and are stored in the table which folds into three sections and forms a carry case with handle allowing for easy transport. It is a very neat set that not only looks stylish but is practical for family camping.

Berghaus Air 4 Inflatable Tent

I don’t think I’ve seen a four-man tent that’s this easy to set up before. Normally you have to wrestle with poles and inner tents to actually manage to set up a decent size tent, whereas with the Berghaus Air 4 tent, you just need to grab a pump and blow it up (with air, of course).

It’s really that simple, but the ease of use doesn’t mean a compromise on space. Inside, there’s a large, bright porch area, and separate, pre-attached sleeping compartments, which can be sectioned off with a lightweight material border that can be hooked up when not in use. There are many pockets for storage; there is a strip of pouches in the porch of the tent, and also at the sides of the sleeping area.

The Air 4 is not designed for extreme outdoor use, as it does not pack down into a tiny, lightweight bag like some mountain tents, but is perfectly suited for family camping. It’s easy to set up and an abundance of space and storage make it perfect for a family weekend away, no matter what the weather.

Helinox Chairs

I have wanted chairs like these for ages! In the past, I have looked on with envy at other campers with small, lightweight, camping chairs but when they first came out on the market they were extremely expensive and only for the elite but they have reduced in price over the years.

For us, a family of four that like to travel light, these Helinox chairs are ideal since they pack up in small bag (about the size of a man's shoe) that can fit happily into a rucksack. They only weigh 850g so won't add too much weight in your pack. And they are very easy to assemble.

It doesn't take long for each of us to position the sturdy, interlocking legs in place and be sat around eating, drinking or enjoying the view.

Exped Airmat Lite 5cm Inflatable Camping Mats

I love these roll mats. They are incredibly comfortable because of the way that they are structured. They have long ridges providing comfy support and they are to inflate. The pump (included) is compact so it means you don't have to pack a big, stand alone pump in your rucksack.

The roll mat has a secure valve that stops the air from leaking out, preventing you from waking up on a deflated roll mat. It deflates easily and packs down to 22cm so doesn’t take up much room in a rucksack. Overall I really like this roll mat and recommend it to people that want to have a comfortable night's sleep but have a small, lightweight bag.

Campingaz Camping Chef Folding Stove

We often like to eat out and take a small camping stove with us to boil up some water or cook a simple, quick meal, but this is never ideal for a longer trip.

The Campingaz Camping Chef Folding Stove is not a lightweight option (weighing 4.1kg) but a super choice for a weekend of family camping. Once set up and attached to a gas canister (904 or 907) it can then be used to cook, using the two burners, and grill tasty food.

The stove folds away into a self-contained case for ease of travel; this protects the stove and allows it to be transported more easily. This stove isn't something that can be packed into rucksack and taken out for the day but does offer a family of four a range of options for cooking while camping.


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