The Great Outdoors Quiz

A group of hikers out walking with rucksacks

Are you tired of quizzes yet? Course not, as Oscar Wilde said - "when one is tired of quizzes, one is tired of life" ... or something like that.

One of the definite perks of lockdown is that we've had more time to spend time with our family, learn new things, or try new hobbies. Quizzing has swept the nation as we look for ways to catch up and beat the lockdown boredom.

You may have started to run out of questions though, so we’ve created a fun quiz that covers all things outdoors, from camping and climbing to lakes and logos. It’s suitable for the whole family, but we’ve thrown in some tough questions to test even the most avid outdoor adventurer. Use this a time-saver for your next zoom quiz party or dinner table gathering.

The quiz is split into 5 rounds, for a total of 50 questions. You’ll tackle the following subjects:

Round 1 – General outdoor knowledge

Round 2 – Lakes, rivers and seas

Round 3 – Brand logos (picture round)

Round 4 – Mountains and fells

Round 5 – Name the product (picture round)

You can print off or share the questions online by downloading the question sheet here.

Once you’re done, or if you’re the designated quiz host, you can download the answer sheet here.


Be sure to share your quiz snaps with us on social media using the hashtag #BlacksPlanB – Good luck!

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Adam is a lover of the outdoors who’s recently moved back to rural Lancashire after living in the urban confines of Leeds for the past few years. His favourite pastimes include cooking, playing countless sports to a barely acceptable standard and exploring the local countryside with his dog, Chip.

When the weather gets in the way, Adam can be found at home watching films & TV and listening to music. If he’s not there, he’ll be in the pub down the road.  

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