The Best of Osprey's Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

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Did you know human beings are a naturally itinerant species? It was only about 10,000 years ago that we started to settle and lay down roots. Our shared desire to travel and explore is actually part of our genetic makeup!

Humans are natural travellers. And if there is one company that understands this predication it’s Osprey.

Mike PfotenhauerOsprey Founder and Chief Designer Mike Pfotenhauer

For over 40 years Osprey has been teaching us how to live simply and fully, without any extra baggage (hangs head). With the same visionary direction as when it started (founder Mike Pfotenhauer is still the Chief Designer!) Osprey has introduced three new bags to the market for Autumn/Winter 2017. The keyword here is versatility…

First Up...The Transporter


Capacity (L)
40, 65, 95, 130
1.41kg (65L)


Made of Tough Stuff

Made from a smooth faced water-resistant fabric (780D Packcloth Double Coated TPU) the Transporter is abrasion resistant and highly durable.

Osprey Transporter FabricWater resistant, 780D packcloth, double coated TPU

It’s happiest in the back of van, loaded with kit, on a bumpy road heading up hill to a base camp far away.

Handle it

A mix between a backpack and a holdall, the Osprey Transporter has versatile carrying options which simplify rather than complicate your moving from A to B.

On foot?

Deploy the stowable backpack harness replete with sternum strap and whistle (for keeping a funky walking beat I presume).

Transporter Backpack Harness

Prefer a neater finish?

Stow the backpack harness in the zipped up sleeve a grab one of the four handles situated on the North, South, West and East faces (climbing analogies are fun!).

Transporter Grab Handles

The Storage

The Transporter has also simplified the packing process as well with dual external pockets and a single main compartment with a D-shaped lid. This makes packing and access a lot easier.

Transporter Lid

Shop the Transporter

The Fairview

The latest addition to Osprey’s range of women specific bags, the Fairview is ‘almost’ a carbon copy of the Farpoint but features some subtle yet significant differences.

Women's Fairview

Capacity (L)
40, 55, 70
1.76kg (65L)

The Fit

Anything but an expert on the women’s form, I have it on good authority (from Osprey) that the Fairview has been redesigned for the fairer sex.

Women's Fairview Backpack Harness

It is has an ergonomic hipbelt and an anatomic harness, yoke (shoulder straps) and back-panel; effectively creating a comfier, all-round load carry. Not sure what would happen if I (a man) wore this though…and what if I liked it!? I’m not ready to go down that rabbit hole.


It used to be that you had to buy a suitcase, backpack, rucksack, daypack, laptop sleeve, etc. all separately and store them all in your loft like one big pillowy Russian doll. Well not anymore you don’t!

The Fairview combines all these things into one brilliantly designed bag!

So throw all your other dusty old bags away and buy the the Fairview... that’s called soft-selling.

Shop the Fairview

The Trillium

The younger, cooler sibling of the three, the Trillium makes for excellent arm candy. I’d compare it to walking a handsome dog down the street.

Osprey Trillium Travel Bag

Capacity (L)
30, 45, 65
0.69kg (45L)

Disrupting the Bag Market

Call me bias, but what I love about Osprey is the development each of their new innovations undergoes before they launch. The new Trillium adjustable carry-system is a great example of this meticulous attention to detail.

Made exclusively for Osprey the ABS moulded closure is based on a classic cam-lock buckle system and it allows you to adjust the length of the strap for customisable carrying. I COULD talk you through it but this video sums it up much better.

Easy on the Eye

Made for everyday use the Trillium has a softer face fabric which makes it appear more hygge (Scandinavian for Cosy).

To achieve this affect without sacrificing durability, Osprey have woven the 1000 denier nylon more tightly which gives it a softer, cotton like feel. As well as being more aesthetically pleasing (IMO) the softer fabric also serves a practical purpose, it makes it packable!

Shop the Trillium

So there you have it, 3 very different bags. One for every conceivable adventure. Which one would be your favourite travelling companion? Tell us about it on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

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