The 10 Pieces Of Camping Equipment Any Family Needs

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Before saddling up your Volvo it’s always pertinent to ask yourself a few questions to help determine your trips’ ‘non-negotiables’.

Where are we going? For how long? Whose coming? Do we have to bring the kids?

OK, that last one is a joke but you get the idea.

Asking these questions will help you identify the trips' possibilities/constraints and will eventually steer you into making your own 'ultimate family camping kit list'. (let us know when you do)

Of course there is some gear which is imperative to absolutely guarantee a camping trips success. A ukulele, for example.

Please consider the following your fundamental family camping equipment; a foundation, if you will, on which to build, adapt and improve upon.

The Tent

We Recommend: Berghaus Air 6XL

As I’ve already mentioned a traditional Family camping trip will have a whole different set of parameters imposed upon it compared with a conventional backpacking trip. First of all, unless your planning to sabotage your future camping prospects, investing in anything other than a 4 man tent would create a family camping fiasco.

Make sure there’s plenty of space for activities inside the tent in case the British weather fails to surprise you, the Berghaus Air 6XL has a huge indoor/outdoor area and floor to ceiling windows for plenty of natural light.

We highly recommend you try pitching your tent at home before setting out on your camping trip. This way you can definitely check you've got everything you need to pitch it correctly, and you're armed with the experience when you turn up to the campsite and can appease the baying crowds.

Storage solutions are another family camping necessity. An organised space inside the tent can save stress during emergencies and it also frees up living space for games and activities.

Sleeping Bags

I think we can all appreciate the restorative power of a good night’s sleep, so making sure you have the right sleeping bag to ensure the family sleeps comfortably should be a top priority when planning your camping trip. Warmth will be the most important factor to consider when buying your bag so make sure to check the comfort rating of the prospective bag to ensure its up to scratch.


We Recommend: Berghaus Transition 200XL

The new Berghaus Transition 200XL is an excellent 2-3 season bag ideal for a taller gentleman or lady with an added 10" of actual length added inside the bag. The mummy shape and insulated, adjustable hood minimises heat loss and provides excellent coverage in case the temperature drops. Handy internal stash pockets provide convenient storage for your phone, head torch and midnight snacks as well.

Top Tip: I've learned the hard way not to keep chocolate as a midnight snack in a sleeping bag.


We Recommend: Berghaus Transition 200W

Anatomically designed, women’s sleeping bags traditionally feature increased room at the hip and decreased room at the shoulders. This Berghaus version features targeted insulation at typical cold spots and is anatomically designed for a closer more effective fit.


We Recommend: Berghaus Transition 200C

Your child’s comfort and warmth are the most important concerns when choosing a junior bag. Bear in mind your child’s height and sleeping patterns and choose a bag accordingly. This junior bag from the new Berghaus Range has a rectangle shape for greater range of movement and is cut slightly shorter to avoid the user slipping down inside the bag.

Top Tip: To avoid children disappearing into the bottom of the bag, secure a belt around the lower part to shorten it’s length.

Still need help? Read our Sleeping Bag Buying Guide here.

The Stove

We Recommend: Campingaz Camping Chef Compact Stove

Nothing beats the satisfaction or thrill of cooking in the wild, but unless you want to spend all day boiling tea and frying eggs, a single burner stove just won’t cut the proverbial and sometimes literal mustard. This double burner stove from Campingaz has two high powered gas burners and a grill combination for toasting and cooking fish. Just make sure to check which type of gas and attachment/hose applicator you need before heading to the campsite.

Cook Sets

We Recommend: Vango Non-Stick Camping Cook set

Compact, portable and hard wearing camping pan sets are ideal for cooking in the wild. Make sure to buy a non-stick set such as the one below from Vango as the majority of the time you will be cooking without oil.


We Recommend: Vango Family Cutlery Set

Stainless steel is more robust and easier to clean than plastic but obviously comes at a slight weight disadvantage. If weight and pack size is of no concern this cutlery set from Vango includes enough pieces to cater for a 4 person family and also stores neatly in a robust plastic holder for easy transportation.


We Recommend: Eurohike Family Picnic Table Set

Sharing a family meal together is one of the greatest pleasures of camping. This Family Picnic Table Set from Eurohike features 2 x benches, 2 x folding camping chairs and a 3 section table so you can fit the whole family round the table.


We Recommend: Silverpoint 250 Camping Lantern

Designed to be free standing or to hang from your tents attachment point this retro style lantern from Silver Point has multiple lighting modes and a textured lense to help dissipate the light evenly without blinding passers by.

Top Tip: Make sure to buy a light with a substantial lumen output - anything over 100 should do the trick.

First Aid Kit

We Recommend: Eurohike First Aid Kit

A simple first aid kit with plasters, bandage, disinfectant and scissors is essential fair for living outdoors. The First Aid Kit from Eurohike offers all this and more and comes stored in a handy carry case for ideal for campsite emergencies.

What features in your family camping kit list? Tell us on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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Kim 24-04-17 11:10
On a bit of budget and want a tent for myself and 3 kids. Spacious, stand up inside tent but haven't got hundreds of pounds to spend on one. Am I best waiting for the sales to start or can I get a bargain now-ish? Thank you
Sam Taylor 24-04-17 16:46
Hi Kim,
Glad to hear your keen to take the family camping and I will do my best to advise as we've got quite a lot of family friendly tents that match your criteria. The right tent for your needs will really depend on the season and trip destination but for all round comfort and space I would highly recommend The Eurohike Buckingham Elite 6 which has a sewn-in ground sheet and higher waterproof rating than the classic. I appreciate this is still a little bit pricey but if you use the code "TENT20" at checkout you can claim a 20% discount! This offer expires at midnight tonight though so make sure your quick.
Hope you enjoy your camping trip and thank you for reading the blog. Sam | Blacks Team

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