Streaming Now: 10 Epic Outdoor Films for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and if your imagination doesn’t immediately jump to a romantic dinner under normal circumstances, facing Valentine’s Day under a national lockdown will be even tougher. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We’ve put together 10 of the best outdoor films for you and your significant other to enjoy from home.


Valley Uprising Documentary PosterValley Uprising image from

1. Valley Uprising

Streaming platform: Amazon Prime

Genre: Climbing Documentary

Outdoorsy rating: 10/10

IMDb’s rating: 8.1/10

Climbing wasn’t always the reputable Olympic event it is today, Valley Uprising shows the rebellious yet pioneering side of US climbing in Yosemite National Park. Dating back to 1957 climbers would live a dubious lifestyle within the Park, scoping out routes, screwing hundreds of bolts to the rockface and pushing the boundaries of the sport, all with their own risks and consequences. Valley Uprising is a truly interesting watch, even if you aren’t a regular at the bouldering gym.


Captain Fantastic Movie PosterCaptain Fantastic image from Amazon

2. Captain Fantastic

Streaming platform: Netflix

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Outdoorsy rating: 6/10

IMDb’s rating: 7.9/10

Striking the perfect balance of joy, heartbreak and inspiration, Captain Fantastic turns everyday life completely on its head. Following the life of one father, Ben, and his six kids, delve into the day-to-day in their small corner of the world, living off the land and pushing their physical limits. However, upon the loss of their mother, the Cash family are forced into civilisation leaving the children surprised to learn their wild upbringing hasn’t prepared them for life at all.


The Art of Flight Documentary PosterThe Art of Flight image from RedBull

3. The Art of Flight

Streaming platform: RedBull TV

Genre: Snowboarding Documentary

Outdoorsy rating: 8/10

IMDb’s rating: 8.2/10

Pushing the boundaries of both cinematography and snowboarding, The Art of Flight truly reimagines snow sports in masterful style. Produced over a two year period, The Art of Flight shadows snowboarder, Travis Rice as he enters the unknown, carving paths amongst snow never before touched by a board. Both breathtaking to watch and phenominal to percieve, The Art of Flight paints a contemporary picture of American snowboarding that will leave you in awe.


Paul's Boots Documentary PosterPaul's Boots image from REI/YouTube

4. Paul's Boots

Streaming platform: YouTube

Genre: Hiking Documentary

Outdoorsy rating: 8/10

Paul’s Boots. A symbol of one man’s dream, and an inspiration to millions more. A draftsman by day, Paul took to the trail most weekends as an avid hiker. By 42, things started to change for Paul, and the time he spent outdoors diminished, as did the health of his mother and father. By 2011, Paul’s parents had both passed away. Paul himself had suffered two heart attacks, leaving him unable to walk to the end of the road, let alone the Appalachian Trail. Paul passed at the age of 53. That’s where his boots come in. A truly uplifting film, watch as hikers join together, carrying Paul’s boots along the 2,190 miles of the Appalachian Trail in his memory.


Expedition Happiness Documentary PosterExpedition Happiness image from

5. Expedition Happiness

Streaming platform: Netflix

Genre: Documentary

Outdoorsy rating: 7/10

IMDb’s rating: 5.9/10

If ‘wanderlust’ is your thing, this is definitely the documentary for you. German film, Expedition Happiness takes us on a journey with Felix Starck and Selima Taibi as the young couple renovate an ex-schoolbus before travelling across Canada, the USA and Mexico. If you’re looking for travel destination then take this as the sign.


Kilian Jornet: Path to Everest Documentary PosterKilian Jornet: Path to Everest image from Amazon

6. Kilian Jornet: Path to Everest

Streaming platform: Amazon Prime

Genre: Climbing/Mountaineering Documentary

Outdoorsy rating: 10/10

IMDb’s rating: 7.3/10

A true adventurer, Kilian Jornet claims his Everest training started at the age of three when he first began standing on the summit of mountains. Join Jornet on his most difficult expedition yet, as he tackles Everest. This gritty documentary shows the raw emotions, motivations and drivers behind the most epic of feats.


The Mountain Why Documentary PosterThe Mountain Why image from RedBull TV

7. The Mountain Why

Streaming platform: RedBull TV

Genre: Skiing/Cycling Documentary

Outdoorsy rating: 9/10

Two years ago, skier Cody Townsed embarked on an adventure to complete the Fifty Classic Ski Descents of North America (something that’s never been achieved before). After completing 27, the pandemic hit, but undeterred, ‘The Mountain Why’ journeys with both Cody and Michelle Parker as they complete the remanining 23. Oh, and did we mention they’re cycling the 1000 miles between them too?


Don't Crack Under Pressure II Documentary PosterDon't Crack Under Pressure II image from

8. Don’t Crack Under Pressure II

Streaming platform: Netflix

Genre: Documentary

Outdoorsy rating: 10/10

IMDb’s rating: 6.7/10

Wanting to seek inspiration from daredevil athletes, or simply live vicariously through them instead? Don’t Crack Under Pressure II, a sequel to the first, follows athletes as they take on unreal adventures surrounded by stunning scenery. A completely thrilling watch, you’ll be on the edge of your seat throughout that’ll leave you wanting more… Luckily there’s a third film for that.


Africa Fusion Documentary PosterAfrica Fusion image from

9. Africa Fusion

Streaming platform: Amazon Prime

Genre: Climbing Documentary

Outdoorsy rating: 8/10

IMDb’s rating: 7.2/10

Renowned climbers Alex Honnold and Hazel Findlay break new ground as they travel across South Africa and Namibia seeking out culture, scenery and of course, trad climbing locations. Predominantly known for its bouldering spots, Hazel and Alex seek to uncover Africa’s hidden climbing destinations. Follow every fall, crimp and pinch along the way, oh and you might find some travel inspiration too.


Pedal the World Documentary PosterPedal the World image from

10. Pedal the World

Streaming platform: Netflix

Genre: Cycling Documentary

Outdoorsy rating: 8/10

IMDb’s rating: 5/10

Every millenials dream, watch Felix Starck as he lives the ultimate wanderlust dream. Over one year, untrained cyclist, Felix, rebels against the traditional career path of a young adult by carving his own on two wheels. Cycling over 18,000km across 22 countries, join Starck in the saddle whilst uncovering what really is the meaning of life?


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