Sarah Roberts' Big Predator Expedition - Teaser Trailer

Blacks were delighted to support Sarah Roberts' expedition to Florida, in pursuit of the biggest, baddest tropical predators. During her adventures she met alligators, sharks, and the less terrifying but oh-so-lovable manatee.

Her aim is to dispel the myths that turns these creatures into monsters, and to reveal the complex relationship between man, predator and prey in this fragile ecosystem.

Sarah will release the documentary footage of her trip on a weekly basis. Let the series' teaser-trailer whet your appetite for a full series of beastly encounters, then head to Sarah's YouTube Channel to check out the first episode.

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Naturalist and Author Sarah Roberts, is a specialist in shark and grizzly bear behaviour. Sarah's work has taken her to some of the wildest ecosystems in the world, from tropical reefs to temperate rainforests. Admittedly she is most attracted to the species with sharp teeth and claws, though this sometimes comes at a cost. Sarah loves living off the beaten track, but in realising just how threatened her favourite wild places and species are, she set up an outreach platform ( in 2014 to help raise awareness and educate people on environmental issues.

She now splits her time between documenting lesser-known wildlife stories in the field and communicating them through her children's book, youtube channel and public talks. In her spare time, Sarah loves to swim and hike (especially with her best pal, Badger the dog) or to practice her very limited skills in surfing/skateboarding.

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