Gear Up For Winter Walking: Timing and Route

It’s that time of year again, a blanket of snow lies on the mountains and if you’re anything like us, that makes you really want to go have a look!

But for most, the mountains in winter can be intimidating, putting many off going out at the most beautiful time of year when the views are the most rewarding. Here are the basics you’ll need to get yourself in the mountains this winter:

The Route


For your first winter walk, keep it simple, perhaps doing a walk or hike you have done before. There are a lot of great walks in the Lakes, the famous Skiddaw and High Street routes both offering incredible views without any particularly challenging sections. Look to keep walks shorter than you would in summer as during the winter, walkers tend to move a lot slower over snowy slopes. .

It is best to plan your route at home, or at least somewhere you won’t be getting snowed or rained on. Come up with a few alternative options too, in case you change your mind when you get there.

The Timing


There are two points to your timing; choosing the right time to go, and choosing the right time to go. What I mean is, wait until a few days after the snow falls, this gives the snow time to consolidate, meaning it is much safer, and far more enjoyable to walk on without constantly sinking or getting stuck.

The other right time to go is to leave early in the morning, on the day. I love a lie in as much as anyone, but the winter mountains are really worth getting up for. You’ll miss all the traffic, get the best car parking space, and if you leave early enough, you’ll get the sunrise through the valleys, which can be incredible. Remember, the winter days are shorter too, so getting out early means you’ve got more daylight to get up, and down again.

Gear Up For Winter Walking is written by David Curtis of our Gateshead store. Keep checking the blog for more walking tips and advice from our in store experts.

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