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Oman is pushing to be THE destination for adventure travel in 2020 (and beyond!) We are already helping spread the word by offering lucky customers the chance to win a trip of a lifetime to the Arabian Peninsula. For everyone else we’ve put together this snapshot of the country and its endless opportunities for adventure.

Man caving in Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is a rare and seamless combination of ageless heritage and modern life. A place where one can explore a traditional market in the morning, summit virgin dunes in the afternoon, and attend a world-class show at the Royal Opera House in the evening.

Even when summer temperatures soar in the rest of the region, the Sultanate enjoys cooler temperatures in Dhofar and the mountain tops of the Al Hajar range. The welcome is still warm, however; the Omani people are renowned for their friendliness and it is common for travellers to be invited for coffee in the homes of locals.

Visitors and adventurers looking for a unique holiday experience will find boundless opportunity. Hiking, scuba diving, fishing, kitesurfing and caving are just a few of the experiences on offer. From mountains to cavernous gorges, water-filled wadis to pristine beaches, not to mention some of the world’s most stunning desert landscapes, Oman’s diverse beauty is everywhere. And so is the sense of adventure.

Family hiking dunes in Omani desert


Hiking routes can be found throughout the country; from short, accessible routes on the outskirts of cities and villages, to longer treks in more remote areas. Oman has something for walkers of all abilities, including the chance to combine hiking with the thrill of canyoning and climbing.

Mountain Biking

Cycling and mountain biking has boomed in popularity in the Sultanate, with both amateur and professional cyclists visiting the country in pursuit of the stunning, challenging landscape.


Home to the second largest cave chamber in the world - Majlis Al Jinn on the Salmah Plateau - and numerous others, the Sultanate has plenty of caves to explore.


A two-and-a-half-hour drive from the capital Muscat is Jabal Akhdar – the Green Mountain. Part of the highest mountain range in the eastern Arabian peninsula, it can be reached via the country’s highest via ferrata climbing route. This mode of climbing means "iron way", and uses pre-set ladders, ropes and fixtures to conquer the rockface.

Experienced climbers will also know Jebel Misht as a perfect location for some serious alpine-style rock climbing. Here the via ferrata route also includes a 22-metre bridge walk across the yawning mouth of a cave.

Man swimming in Omani Wadi

Rock climbing in Oman mountains

Water Sports

Oman looks back on a proud maritime history, renowned for the elegant Dhow that traded across the seas. As such, Omanis are known to have a special connection with the sea, settling where there are natural harbours and great fishing grounds. This means that water sports can be found around the country, from snorkelling and scuba diving the reefs, to pounding the waves in a high-octane rush.


From the white pebble sand beaches of Fins and Sur, to rocky outcrops above the clouds on Jebel Samham in Dhofar, Oman has hundreds of stunning camping locations for visitors to choose from.

Camel Riding

Historically, camels were used by local Bedouins to transport people and goods through the desert and around the country. Today, owning camels has become a sign of prestige, with many Omanis breeding them for racing and beauty contests.

Wildlife Watching

The camel is not the only famous creature in Oman. Elsewhere a rich array of flora and fauna make the country a fascinating place for nature lovers. From the pointed horns of the Arabian oryx to the wise old face of the sea turtle, Oman is a destination for those who like to see animals in the wild where they belong.

Arabian onyx in the Omani desert

Camel riding in the Omani desert


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