KMF14: At The Movies

KMF14: At The Movies

This year Kendal played host to the best of adventure film with experienced heavyweights and diverse newcomers coming together to celebrate their love for the outdoors.

From revolution to record breakers, memorable journeys to remarkable characters the films premiered at this year’s world-renowned film festival showed that the adventure film bar had been well and truly raised. Read on to discover what our team thought of this year's films.

‘Dejame Vivir’ – Directed by Sebastien Montaz-Rosset

A tale of friendship, strength and adventure, ‘Dejame Vivir’ follows Kilian Jornet and his small group of friends who, inspired by the great forbearers of sky running set themselves a gruelling series of mountain challenges. From the spectacular glaciers of Mont Blanc to the unsympathetic conditions of Mount Elbrus, Kilian and his team push their bodies, minds and mountain running to the limit, culminating in a daring attempt to break a record on the notorious Matterhorn.

‘Through Sebastien’s lens we are invited to reconnect with nature and experience the mountain landscape in all its glory and hostility. Prepare to sit with your heart in your mouth.’

‘DamNation’ – Directed by Ben Knight & Travis Rummel

Coined as ‘a film that matters’, ‘DamNation’ brings together polarised opinions surrounding what has raged as a national issue in American culture for centuries. A dependency on electricity by the American People since its discovery in 1881 has sparked a series of dam-building projects to meet high demands with little regulation and consideration regarding the impact on their surroundings. This forward-thinking film explores the dam-building process and how the placement of a structure to harness the power of nature has a direct and often damaging impact on both human and animal populations.

‘Posing the big questions, ‘DamNation’ documents the rise and fall of the dam in America from boom to bust. Splendid cinematography and a hard-hitting tone are used to reveal the true cost of these engineering wonders and looks for greater regulation and a wider understanding of their impact.’

‘Real or Reel’

Claire Carter, the Film Officer for the festival invited us to dissect the adventure film with help from renowned filmmakers and adventurers. She looked to delve into the secret world of filmmaking to discover the truth behind the camera and pose questions surrounding realism in film, the filmmakers approach and how blockbuster action movies differ from the reality of the adventure film.

‘It was a fantastic opportunity to sit amongst such experienced filmmakers and adventurers, listening to them discuss how authentic adventure films really are. How exciting would a true testimony really be?’

‘Cailleach’ – Directed by Rosie Reed Hillman

Rosie Reed Hillman’s film ‘Cailleach’ creates an intimate portrait of 86 year old Morag who lives alone on the Isle of Harris with just her flock and cats for company. ‘Cailleach’, a Celtic word which means divine old woman or deity is a film which captures Morag’s eccentric love of life and follows her daily tasks as she contemplates her own future in the house where she has lived all her life.

‘A moving, meditative film about the power of the human spirit. Morag’s quiet, solitary existence may seem to many a curious lifestyle, but is in fact a plain example that finding inner peace and happiness is possible without the trappings and pursuits of modern life.’

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