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  • Berghaus MADEKIND™ | Award-Winning Sustainability

    Berghaus MADEKIND™ | Award-Winning Sustainability

    The team at Berghaus are united by their passion for the great outdoors and in a conscious bid to become more sustainable, they have continued to develop their ‘MADEKIND™’ initiative. Let’s take a deep dive into why ‘MADEKIND™’ is so important. Read more
  • Climate Change: Sarah Roberts Shows Us the Science

    Climate Change: Sarah Roberts Shows Us the Science

    Naturalist and Eco-Journalist Sarah Roberts journeyed to Iceland in February on a very special mission; to lift the lid on how humans have changed the face of our planet, and to search for hope that climate change can be slowed and even reversed. In this article we examine the science shared by... Read more
  • Facility Free Camping

    Facility Free Camping

    With more and more campsites opening to the public, many shower blocks and toilets still remain closed. Not to worry, you can still enjoy an outdoor getaway without contemporary creature comforts! We’ve put together an all-inclusive guide on how to camp, 100% facility free! Read more
  • The Perfect Picnic Menu

    The Perfect Picnic Menu

    Planning a perfect picnic may sound easy - but trust us, our menu will elevate your al-fresco to new heights. Three courses plus a drink - say hello to a yummy summer. Read more
  • The Great Outdoors Quiz

    The Great Outdoors Quiz

    Challenge yourself and your friends and family with our outdoor-themed quiz, complete with printable PDF question and answer sheets. Read more
  • Social Distance Hiking: How and Where?

    Social Distance Hiking: How and Where?

    2020 has been a crazy year. It brought along the coronavirus early on and ever since we've been stuck with restrictions, lockdowns and social distancing. However, we don't want to keep you any longer from getting out and enjoying the great outdoors. That's why we've created this little guide to... Read more
  • How to Stay Motivated at Home During Lockdown

    How to Stay Motivated at Home During Lockdown

    Lockdown has stopped us all in our tracks recently, causing us to stay indoors and rip up our usual routines. We've put together some helpful tips on how to beat the lockdown blues and stay motivated to achieve your goals at home. Read more
  • Best Stretches After Sitting

    Best Stretches After Sitting

    If you're experiencing aches and pains from uncomfortable seating or from sitting down more often, then these are the best stretches to perform. This expert advice from Commando Charlie, a personal trainer and former Royal Marines Commando, will get help prevent injury and get your muscles moving. Read more
  • The Great British Camp-Out | Virtual Festival

    The Great British Camp-Out | Virtual Festival

    We are delighted to partner with The Great British Camp-Out to offer a ‘virtual festival’ in support of the NHS. Over the May bank holiday weekend, you can stream live content, performance, workshops and more straight into your homes and garden. Read more
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