Calibre Kinetic E-Bike: An Introduction to Electric Bikes

The Calibre Kinetic E-Bike has just landed on Blacks, and so we thought it’d be a great idea to answer some questions about electric bikes.

As E-bikes gain traction and become more and more popular across the UK, it leaves many of us asking, what exactly is an electric bike? In this short guide we’re getting stuck in to try and answer that the best we can, as well as any other additional questions you may have.

Electric Bike

What is an Electric Bike?

To put it in the simplest terms, an e-bike is just a regular bike but someone’s whacked a motor on to the back of it. But If we’re going a little more technical and descriptive, like we always do, then you’d actually consider an e-bike to be a “hybrid”, meaning that it gains power form both you, the rider, and the motor.

This means that you get to choose how much power you want to apply yourself. The vast majority of modern e-bikes are known as ‘pedelecs’, meaning that they get their power from when you pedal, rather than from a throttle. E-bikes, in a nutshell, enhance what can be achieved through cycling.

How does an Electric Bike work?

Firstly, it’s probably best to outline that on e-bikes, it’s still you that needs to do the riding! E-bikes are just like standard bikes, but get extra assistance from three additional components, a motor, a battery and a drivetrain. Usually a full charge will get you anywhere between 20 and 60 miles, depending on whether you ride with pedal assistance or electric only.

E-bikes are technically classed as a form of motor vehicle, but luckily, the electric motor only allows you to go up to about 15.5mph (25km/h) to keep in line with government guidelines, from this speed you will have to pedal yourself to pick up any extra speed. This means no additional license is required to ride an e-bike, just can just saddle up and go!

E-bike Mechanics

Do I still get exercise with an Electric Bike?

Anytime you head out on a bike, e-bike or not, you are exercising, your heart rate will increase and calories will be burned, how hard you want to exercise though is ultimately down to you. Obviously it’ll be a slightly tougher work out on a regular bike, however, e-bikes offer different levels of assistance that increase or decrease the amount of oomph that the motor carries. So if you only ride occasionally or are thinking of getting back into it, then you could start off with more assistance to build up your stamina and prevent overdoing it. Or similarly, if you’re an avid cyclist but find yourself out of breath at the top of every hill, you could just give yourself that little extra push you need.

Electric Bike vs Regular Bike: Should I get one?

Ultimately, choosing between an electric bike or a regular bike will come down to feel and performance. Are electric bikes comfortable to ride? The honest answer is yes, E-bikes feel exactly the same as regular bikes to ride, you just get on and start pedalling for the motor to kick in, and usually, it’s so smooth and seamless you’ll hardly notice!

E-bikes are also better for those trips that are a little bit too long to a regular bike ride, but just too short to warrant a trip in the car. Thanks to the extra weight it can take, you could also potentially use an E-bike for your daily commute to work and ditch the car with all the environmental, financial and other benefits these bikes entail.

Many rides also claim that E-bikes feel much safer to ride than non-powered bikes as the extra acceleration means that the speed of passing by cars is less than it would be usually. The quick start off the mark also helps with clearing stationary traffic quicker.

Riding bike

That’s just our little run down of what E-bikes are, how they work and whether you should get one. We hope it filled you in on everything you need to know before picking one up for yourself, but if you have any more questions before you buy, don’t hesitate to drop us a message! Happy cycling!

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