Bucket-List Kit: The Best Gear For Better Adventures

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Summer is here and holidays are beckoning. This year many of you will be headed to Mediterranean beaches, some may be heading off to European culture-capitals whilst others answer the call of Britain’s beautiful places.

It’s a huge world out there though. Here at Blacks we want to celebrate and support adventurers with big dreams and wide horizons. From the icy pinnacles of the Himalayas to the South American wilds, we have the gear to help fill your travel bucket-list till it’s overflowing with experiences. Below is a short list of some top-quality gear and the epic places it can take you. 


Trek to Everest Basecamp


Trek to The Himalayas

Everest Base Camp Photo ©Ted Bryan Yu

Easily one of the most epic treks in the world, the journey to Everest Base Camp will take you from an already high 2,860m to the frankly ridiculous 5,380m. And that’s the bottom of the mountain. The trek usually takes from 12-14 days, starting and ending in Kathmandu. Along the way you’ll travel through lush forested valley, remote Sherpa villages and barren lunar rock-fields.

The key seasons are February to May and September to December. Temperatures plummet early and late in the year so it’s essential that you take a reliably warm insulating jacket. We recommend considering your adventure and matching your requirements with a down or synthetic option. Down is the best choice for extreme cold as it has impressive lofting performance and is highly compressible. Synthetic jackets are commonly more affordable and deal with damp conditions better so consider your budget, the season and your needs first. For epic trips such as heading to Kathmandu, we highly recommend you look at a down jacket as it will deliver arctic-ready warmth and insulation within a lightweight, highly-compressible style. Check out our range of insulated and down jackets now for Men and Women.


Explore the jungles of Borneo


The Jungles of Borneo

Borneo Wildlife

If your idea of exploration is treading jungle paths, hacking at vines (watch out, that one’s a snake!) surrounded by the hooting and growls of animals, then Borneo’s rainforests is your dream come true. It’s a fantasy land of primeval forest, crashing waterfalls and some of the world’s biggest caves. Ascending Mt Kinabalu transports you from lush jungle into the misty enigma of the cloud forests, whilst orchids and wildflowers explode with colour around you.

Even more than the flora, adventurers are drawn to Borneo for the wildlife. The ecosystem is one of the most diverse on the planet. Wild orangutans traverse the canopy, whilst birds, insects and reptiles (gulp!) colonise every layer of the jungle.

With this, of course, comes the curse of biting insects. To fight this annoyance Craghoppers’ Nosilife range features an insect-repelling treatment built into the fabric. This innovation is a game-changer when it comes to exploring so check out the Nosilife Collection.


Camp Wild in Patagonia


Perito Moreno Glacier

Horseback in the Steppes

The wild expanse of Patagonia, spanning Chile and Argentina at the tip of South America, is a traveller’s paradise. It’s a land of contrasts. From the Andean peaks spearing up into the sky to the wide, silent steppes, Patagonia has a landscape for everyone. For a truly unique experience, visit the Perito Moreno Glacier. This vast wall of blue ice is one of the only glaciers in the world that is still advancing and a surreal must-see. You can swim with sea lions and chuckle at the antics of penguins.  Board the Old Patagonia Express, a revived steam train offering a gloriously old-school way to cross the plains or saddle up for the real cowboy experience with the Argentinian gauchos.

Chile's Atacama Desert Photo ©Diego Jiminez

To really experience the wide-open spaces of Patagonia we recommend ditching the hotel room for a tent. Wake up at the foot of the Andes and go to sleep with the wind whistling past your tent on its way from one ocean to another. Camping in the wild and remote places of the world is most enjoyable in a tent you can trust. Check out our range of outdoor backpacking tents from key brands including Vango, OEX and Wild Country. When choosing a wild camping or backpacking tent, consider the interior space you need, the weight and the pack size. Some solo campers like a 2 person tent on longer trips as they would rather off-set the extra weight for maximum comfort.


Hike the Canadian Rockies


The Canadian Rockies

Emerald Lake Photo ©Bruno Soares

The Rockies offer limitless opportunities for the outdoor adventurer. Canada’s national parks are crisscrossed with some of the world’s greatest hiking trails, offering the chance to get up close to elk, moose and bears. The parks fit together like a jigsaw, meaning you can cover most of them in a week or two. Jasper and Banff are the famous but don’t overlook Yoho, Revelstoke or Kootenay as they each have their own secrets to discover.  

Jasper National Park Photo ©Neil McRobert

Some of the sights are too beautiful to believe. Hike to Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park, or follow the Sulphur Skyline Ridge, finishing off with a soak in the Miette Hot Springs. Yoho Park’s Wapta Falls is a thunderous end to a gentle hike whilst Banff is literally overflowing with places to drop your jaw, not least the unmissable Lake Moraine.

All of this is accessible by foot if you are up for the challenge. You’ll need a good pack though. Check out the range from Osprey today.

Go have your breath taken away.


What’s on your bucket-list? Have you travelled somewhere incredible and come back with advice you want to share? We’d love you to leave your own comments below.

Neil used to be a bookworm, an "indoor" type if ever there was one. After finishing a PhD he writes short stories about spooky places and odd people. Living in Switzerland, the Canadian Rockies and the north east region of the USA convinced him that there was something to be said for this whole outdoor thing. Now he runs everywhere he can, competing in races most weekends and endlessly planning the next great adventure to some far flung part of the world. Recent trips include Costa Rica, where he tried and failed to surf; Vietnam, where he almost got stuck in an underground tunnel; and back to Canada, where he came face-to-face with a bear. Watch this space for further updates on Neil's global bumblings and the occasional athletic success.


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