Blacks and British Heart Foundation Shoe Amnesty

Relaunching In-Store From 2nd February 2020

British Heart Foundation amnesty

According to British Heart Foundation, on this day, in the UK:

7.4 million people are living with a heart or circulatory disease

13 babies will be diagnosed with a heart defect

280 people will be admitted to hospital due to a heart attack

470 people will die from a heart or circulatory disease


The facts and figures are staggering but the British Heart Foundation's vision is simple.

To educate, research and visualise a world free from fear of heart and circulatory diseases. The money they raise goes towards research cures and treatments to help beat heartbreak for good.

And here at Blacks, we realise just how important the heart is. Not only is it powering your body every minute of every day, it's pushing you to reach the highest peak, pumping blood to your muscles for your next trail run and keeping all the juices flowing for your next yoga session.

Blacks & British Heart Foundation Donation Boxes

To help raise awareness and funds for lifesaving research we have teamed up with British Heart Foundation to provide recycled clothing collection boxes in-store.

British Heart Foundation process

We'll be accepting all clothing and footwear from any brand as long as it's in a re-sellable condition. In return for your donation, you'll receive 15% off your purchase. You can find your nearest donation box at your local Blacks store. Simply pop in your donation of clothing or footwear, speak to one of the lovely Blacks staff members about your donation and receive 15% off to spend in-store!

What are you waiting for?

Happy Donating. Happy Shopping. Happy Heart.

Find Your Nearest Store Donation Point

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