Written by Morgan Little

  • History of Lowe Alpine

    History of Lowe Alpine

    In 1972 Greg, Mike and Jeff Lowe officially register ‘Lowe Alpine Systems’ and set to manufacturing climbing equipment on a mass scale. Since then they have been creating designs that are now the standard for all backpacks. Read more
  • Trailblazing Women in the Outdoors

    Trailblazing Women in the Outdoors

    Continuing our celebration of women, we’re taking a look at some inspiring women in the outdoors. They are leaders in their respective sports and love to share their journey all of them are a must follow for any budding enthusiast. Read more
  • Warming Up at The Crag

    Warming Up at The Crag

    Remembering to warm up at crag may not seem important at the time, you’re excited to be outside and all you want to do is climb. However, without properly warming up you are more likely to injury yourself and prevent you from climbing. At Blacks, we have included some advice on how to warm up at... Read more
  • How To Clean Your Down Jacket

    How To Clean Your Down Jacket

    To help you extend the shelf life of your down jacket we have created this helpful guide which will show you how to safely clean your down jacket giving it a much needed lift. Read more
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