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Sorry alpinists and dog walkers, Terrex is not for you

For Imperfectionists

Designed by a dedicated team at the adidas headquarters in Nuremberg, the Terrex brand places a great emphasis on two things: VERSATILITY & WEIGHT. That's not to say this fresh, stylish gear is for everyone though. Alpinists will have to look elsewhere for their 'big coats' as will dog walkers. However, if you're a: runner, hiker, climber or mountain biker then congratulations you have just found your outdoor uniform.

Agravic. (noun)
- 'Anti-gravity' or lightweight

It's these fast-paced, mountain activities, with moments of explosive exertion followed periods of brief inertia which inspire their seasonal clothing range. Ultra-lightweight wicking vests with gel pockets, windproof hooded jackets almost so light they are nearly sheer, twin-skin shorts, practical and trendy; whether in the mud, on the saddle or in the crag this is the technical, fashionable gear which active outdoor Instagrammers will be posting this summer.

The Wetter The Better

adidas have been using Continental rubber in their running shoes for nearly a decade, helping athletes smash records since 2010, however, this is the first time it has been used in the outdoor market. It is particularly good in the wet conditions and in sports with short ground contact times (running and hiking), with recent tests suggesting a 30% increase in grip compared to the competition.

Run Like You Ride

This success of this collaboration between these two German giants has encouraged them to push the partnership to the next level, with two completely new soles inspired by Continental's award-winning mountain bike tyres. The CMTK, uses the exact same lug profile as the Mountain King, and is the all-rounder, whilst the Trailmaker and it's Baron Projekt 2.4 profile is for precision grip in very wet and muddy conditions.



Something we will see much more of in the hiking and trail running categories for Terrex, this proprietary technology works particularly well in the outdoor market because it is not temperature sensitive. Therefore, whether running at -10C or hiking in +30C the cushioning and rebound performance will not be affected. Another benefit of Boost is it's long-lasting energy returns. Unlike typical EVA midsoles, the performance doesn't deteriorate over-time, a crucial benefit in the outdoor market where distances and terrains punish the shoe.

Terrex athletes (clockwise from top left): Fabi Buhl, Martin Soderstrom, Shauna Coxsey, Kai Lightner

Professional athlete and mountain guide Michi Wohlleben

Team Terrex

Attempting to design a uniform for a such a diverse and discerning audience is a big challenge for adidas, the myriad of surfaces, environments and movements this gear has to perform in is mind-boggling, to say the least, but that's where there Terrex athletes come in. Using the feedback from their first-hand experiences is instrumental in the decision-making process and nothing makes the grade without approval these guys in the field.

Infinite Trails World Championships

333 teams, 3 loops, 1 goal

Following on from the success of their 2017 Mountain Project, adidas have set the trail running world a serious challenge. Set in the hinterland of Austria, the Infinite Trails is a 2-day event which see's teams of 3 (men's, women's or mixed) compete against each other over varying degrees of distance and elevation. Each runner will have to complete one loop each totalling 122km and 7400m of elevation. Registration is still open for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. All you have to do is find 2 other people just crazy as you and enter your team here. Even we've entered a team, so at least you won't be last.

So it seems the Terrex takeover is well and truly underway and if the 1st drop from SS18 is anything to go by may their reign be a long and muddy one.

Terrex Me

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Sam is not actually an outdoorsman! ...yet.

In fact Sam is actually quite new to this whole outside doors business, is that how you say it?
Sam lived in London for 4 years and claims that the closest he got to green space was when he re-painted his flat.
However, after moving to Japan to live and work as an English teacher Sam had the opportunity (and the time) to explore the length and breadth of the southern most isles of sleepy, rural Kyushu. It was here where the obsession with the great outdoors started. Nothing propels you faster along a trail than the knowledge of a long hot soak in one of Japan’s many Natural hot springs. Sometimes buried deep in the mountains!

On his travels Sam visited the hiking island of Yakushima, skied in Blistering snow in Hokkaido and completed a 3 day trek through the Tu Lan cave system in Cambodia, but more on that later.

For now though, Sam is making up for lost time by spending more of it in the great British countryside and exploring the beautiful hikes and trails we have right here on our doorsteps. Sam will be writing for the more lightweight outdoorist, soaking up as much knowledge he can about Modern Bushcraft, Design and Function, Books and much more.

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