adidas Terrex Free Hiker: Escape the Noise

The adidas Terrex Free Hiker is all you’ll need for world domination in 2019. This brand-new, ground-breaking, style-mingling sneaker boot frees you to explore the city, the mountains and all points in between. Coming to Blacks on March 1st, 2019.

With track inspiration, street style and trail pedigree, the Free Hiker is the perfect transitional footwear. If suitcase space is at a premium, ditch the walking boots: these hybrids will equip you for whatever your travels demand.

Terrex Free Hiker

The Primeknit textile upper gives a lightweight, sock-like fit and a slimline silhouette. Stylish colours speak of the urban environment but the fabric is water-resistant and tough enough to withstand heavy trail use.

There is soul in its sole as well, with adidas’ iconic Boost™ technology giving comfort and energy returns with every step. As with all the Terrex range, it’s finished off with rugged Continental™ rubber for traction in all conditions.

The Free Hiker is ready to take you through the city to the wilderness.  Escape the Noise.

Terrex Free Hiker

Terrex Free Hiker

The Free Hiker will land soon!

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Free Hiker

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