A Guide To Beating Blue Monday

Blue Monday. It’s in the name; it’s blue. Monday 20th January is creeping up on us, so be prepared.

Supposedly the most depressing day of the year, this gloomy Monday gets its name from a combination of factors. These include: January’s dark and dismal weather, the post-Christmas blues, low motivation levels, and the cost of the festive period landing on your doormat in bill form. Sound familiar? Well you’ve come to the right place to beat them blues.

Rather than moping around, move around. We’ve put together some top tips to help you get up, get outdoors, and make your Blue Monday a happy Monday.


Walk, Run or Cycle to Work

Two people walking to work-blue Monday

First things first, kick-start your Blue Monday with some fresh air.

If you live close enough, walk, run or cycle to work. It allows for time to yourself, a perfect window to collect your thoughts and refresh your mind. If you don’t fancy the commute to work alone, then why not start your own walk to work group? Paths For All is an organisation in Scotland which offers support programmes to help and encourage colleagues to walk to work.

If you don’t live in Scotland, then there are the UK charities Living Streets and Sustrans, working to influence individuals to walk or cycle, whilst improving our environment at the same time. As you probably know, exercise is scientifically proven to make you feel happy by releasing endorphins. So, get yourself outdoors and begin your day feeling optimistic, revived and stress-free. As an added bonus, ditching motorised transport also benefits the environment and your wallet.


Try a New Activity

Running group-blue Monday

Many people will be reluctant to start something new. You may find yourself stuck in a monotonous weekly routine of watching television, browsing social media and completing daily chores during your spare time. Why not change that?

The British Heart Foundation has an information section on their website with contact details to join new sports teams near you. Or if you need advice on building your own sports team, Club Matters can point you in the right direction. Joining a running club, local sports team, or signing up to a gym comes with plenty of advantages on top of keeping fit. There’s also opportunity to make new friends, develop a skill and meet personal goals. Whether it’s taking up tennis or starting weekly swimming classes with a friend, the focus, variety and sense of achievement will improve your mental well-being.


Plan a Camping Trip

Camping trip-blue Monday

If you fancy a  break from the everyday, then planning a camping trip could be an easy option. Whether it’s with family, friends or on your own, having something to look forward to is a key essential to happiness and could help steer the blues away. There are many elements to consider when preparing for a camping trip. The location, activities, what to eat, and who to share the experience with. We recommend a few resources to help you find an ideal location for your next night outdoor. 

Pitch Up: A website covering both Europe and the USA, for booking camping, glamping and caravan parks. It also offers additional information about nearby cycling, walking or local events.

Coolcamping:  Allows you to explore quirky camping, glamping and caravanning trips around the UK and Europe. You can also view festival news and camping equipment reviews here.



Mountain view-blue Monday

If you feel a bit bored by the local scene, how about travelling to somewhere different? Venture out and experience some of the unique places that make the UK such a tourist mecca. 

If you fancy experiencing some traditional British culture, then head to some of the most picturesque towns in England such as Ambleside, Cumbria or Canterbury. Soak up the heritage and take some time out to relax. Alternatively explore the heights of Scotland on a variety of iconic long-distance trails. Or take a train trip through Britain's magnificent scenery, winding your way past historical castles and perfect views. Wherever you may go, think outside the box and travel somewhere special. Divert your attention from the Monday blues and spend some time arranging an exciting escape for Friday.


We hope this has shown you some light at the end of the January tunnel! If you're still feeling blue, then we have some further reads on our blog to help you with your wellbeing.

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