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New to the Berghaus Air Range

In recent years, Air Tents have really blown up (excuse the pun) in the world of camping, and our new additions to the Berghaus Air Tent Range are not to be underestimated. Inspired with the Berghaus Mera Peak coat in mind, the air tent range is reminiscent of everything Berghaus are well known for, durability, functionality and great designs.

Exclusive to Blacks, Millets and Ultimate Outdoors, our original range consists of the Air 4, Air 6, Air 6XL, Air 8 and the Air Porch. This camping season, our Berghaus Air range is expanding. New to 2018, we are launching the Berghaus Air 4XL, the Air 6XL TC (made with polycotton), the Air Shelter and finally, the Windstop.

So how does an inflatable pole size up to a traditional tent pole? The inflatable tubes are extremely robust, and in the unlikely event that you experience a leak in an inflatable tube, they can be fixed easily with a puncture repair kit. You’ll find one of these with your air tent, or if you’re after any extra, they will be able to buy separately this camping season.

What gives inflatable tubes the upper hand over traditional poles is the ease of use. Even with the largest tent from the range, the Air 8, you can erect it individually in around 15 minutes, truly boasting how user friendly the tents are. In the earlier range, the tents contained one traditional pole, over the door. The new tents omit this feature, for a totally inflatable tube design, really heightening the ease of erection.

To make pitching even easier, the air tents come with all sections of the tent pre-attached. The groundsheet is integrated into the tent, so no external pegging down is needed when you’re pitching the tent. For even easier use and quicker pitching time, the tent bedrooms are already hooked into the outer shell, reducing any need for awkward scrambling in your inner tent to find corresponding hooks and loops.

New for 2018

The Air 4 XL

The Air 4XL, new to this year’s camping range, expands on the already well received Air 4. Create a more comfortable camping experience with the addition of a porch area, giving you more space to relax, shelter from bad weather conditions or simply store your belongings. The 4XL features a height increase compared to the Air 4, with ample room to stand and move around for a really luxurious feel.

Check out the Air 4 XL here.

The Air 6XL TC

Enhancing the already great Air 6XL, this camping season the 6XL, whilst retaining its fundamental properties, has been improved, now made with robust polycotton. Not only does polycotton make for a more durable material, it’s also more breathable to perform better in both cool and warm conditions, as well as being more resistant to UV rays.

Air Shelter

A versatile addition to any outdoor kit collection, the Berghaus Air Shelter not only acts as a gazebo around the campsite, but is great for socialising in the garden. The walls of the shelter have the ability to roll up for ventilation on hot days or keep them zipped down for bad weather protection. Keep connected to the outdoors with two walls featuring window sections, and keep insects out with two mesh panels.

Check out the Air Shelter here.


Building on the already great range from Berghaus, the Windstop adds another element of versatility to your camping experience. Window sections of the Windstop are constructed at eye level ensuring even if you’re sitting you’ve still got a level of visibility to enjoy the view, or keep an eye on little ones. The Windstop features multiple points to peg out and guy lines to give you confidence in windy conditions.

Replacement Air Tubes

If your Air Tubes are beyond repair, you can replace them easily - replacement tubes for all areas of each tent are available on our website, accompanied with replacement instructions.

View the entire Berghaus Air range here.

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Sophie has recently joined the team after working as a sales assistant in the Blacks Meadowhall store. She is an occasional walker and hoping to experience more of the outdoors after moving closer to the Peak District from her small village in Yorkshire.

She is more accustomed to camping and travelling with her local Senior Section unit, camping in places like Alton Towers and Marwell Zoo, and travelling to North America and Switzerland.

Sophie is a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady, space fanatic and likes going to the pub at the weekend like any normal person should.

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