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Columbia: Officially Outfitting Our National Parks

Synonymous with quality, Columbia are a brand who are recognised by walkers, hikers and explorers on mountainsides across the world. They are purveyors of top quality, trusted gear, that they guarantee is “Tested Tough”, meaning that their gear is put through strenuous experiments to ensure they are up to the task.

Now, Columbia have teamed up with National Parks as the official outfitter, providing over 2000 staff, including 300 rangers, with all the kit they need to keep warm, dry and protected in the countryside.

We escaped up to the Northumberland National Park to speak to some of the team members there.

We revere our National Parks, from the Cairngorms to Dartmoor. We know how important the staff who maintain our countryside are and are glad to see them kitted out in some of our favourite Columbia gear.

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Henry is probably the least enthusiastic and most cynical member of the content team, but in spite of this, he does sometimes enjoy doing things.

Growing up in the bleak North West, Henry used the forests, lakes and hillsides of North Wales as a playground, developing a keen interest in walking, mountain biking and just being outside really.

Henry is a Mongol Rally veteran (2013, a fine vintage.) and still experiences the occasional pang of wanderlust and a confusing urge to fix hatchbacks. Henry is a Blue Peter badge holder circa. 1999, makes a really good Old Fashioned cocktail and takes Polaroid pictures for fun.

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