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Exclusive Interview With | Andy Kirkpatrick

Big wall climber, Andy Kirkpatrick, is a hard-core adrenaline seeker, whose combination of self-depreciating humour and maverick attitude has made him one of Britain’s biggest personalities on the rocks. But what makes Kirkpatrick tick, and what’s the motivation behind every climb and death-defying stunt?

From his first climb at aged 5, Kirkpatrick has gone on to become one of the boldest, most daring British climbers in history, whose enduring penchant for El Capitan and difficult walls - together with friends, or alone - has been documented in his award winning book, Psychovertical.

We caught up with Andy during Kendal Mountain Festival where we discussed the importance of stubbornness and obsession, and how imperative it is to find another fool to progress your climbing destiny.

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When not creating content for the Blacks Blog and perpetually daydreaming about everything outdoors, Leonie enjoys heading down unbeaten paths and journeying to destinations less travelled.

She has traversed volcanoes in Northern Chile, explored local cuisine in remote Korean Buddhist temples, and rambled along some of Britain’s most classic trails. If the season’s right, Leonie can be found foraging in the local flora and fauna, and rustling up delicious meals from her latest find.

Favourite British Location: Fairy Glen, Isle of Skye

Most Interesting Trek: Salkantay Trek, Peru

Couldn’t Live Without: Packing Cubes

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