Blacks Ambassadors

The Blacks ambassadors are the people we trust to push our gear to the limit. They’ve scaled peaks,
explored arctic landscapes and made homes in the harshest conditions. They take our equipment and
put it through its’ paces, all in the name of progress.


Ian Finch Image

Former Royal Marine Commando Ian Finch, is an indigenous cultural researcher, expedition guide and mountain leader whose been travelling to remote environments for over 4 years. His passion in life is driven by discovery, adventure, the mechanics of nature and the human journey. Read More

Meek Family Image

The Meek Family are a tight family unit who live life to its fullest, trying to discover and bond in the outdoors as much as they possibly can. In 2014, parents Tim and Kelly packed in their teaching jobs in order to show their two children, Amy and Ella, the true meaning of life. They set out to discover all that the British Isles could teach them - and almost 4 years later, they’re still in search of discovery. Read More


Ian Finch | The Rules of Wild Camping
Ian Finch explains the rules and regulations of wild camping across the UK.

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