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  • 150LB working load
  • 550LB break strength
  • Please read the *INFO* before use


    This product is not designed to hold your body weight or to lift heavy objects overhead. Do not use this product for climbing, repelling, lifting heavy objects or other situations where personal safety or valuable property can be endangered. The working load and weight rating are based on static tests and the limits shown should never be exceeded. Shock conditions (swing, stress, jerk) can reduce working loads by more than 33%. Never stand in line with rope under tension; such rope, particularly nylon rope, may recoil (snap back). Never use this product to secure large flat surfaces or objects. All ropes should be replaced if signs of wear, such as broken fibers are apparent. Knots reduce the strength of the rope more than 50%, splicing is preferable. Misuse can result in serious injury or death.

    | 15440.00mm x 3.17mm x 3.17mm
  • Weight: 4.13oz | Nite Ize 550 Paracord is their version of the original lightweight, semi-elastic lines used for parachutes. The “550” refers to the breaking strength of the cord which is 550 pounds.

    It is a weather-resistant, durable alternative to rope or guylines, with hundreds of uses where light cordage is required.

    In a pinch, you can pull the guts from the outer case and use the inner strands for fishing line, zipper pulls - even dental floss.

    • Package comes with 50' of 550 paracord
    • Also available in Orange
    • Dimensions: 600.00" x 0.13" x 0.13"
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