The Inspirational Outdoor Women We Should All Be Following

As part of International Women’s Week, we’re taking a look at some of the most steely and stylish women in the outdoors. They take awe-inspiring photographs and write envy inducing travel and adventure memoirs across the web, and are a must follow for any budding enthusiast.

No more shall your social media feeds be littered with bland looking vegan food, pictures of dogs you’ve never met and overly garnished cocktails. Here are a few of our favourite ladies from the worlds of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more.


Shauna Coxsey - Competition Climber

Shauna Coxsey is a world renowned climbing and bouldering aficionado. Ranked in the upper echelons of the climbing community, Shauna travels the world to take part in the most illustrious climbing competitions, and with this travel comes the opportunity to take and share images that convey the determination and grit required to compete with the best of the best. Her blog is filled with eloquent entries that give a peek behind the curtain of the competitive climbing world, and it’s well worth checking out.

Follow Shauna Coxsey on Instagram and her Blog


Kat Carney - Climber, Skier, Photographer

Kat Carney has a love for mountain scenescapes that runs deep, and it is reflected in the photographs she takes. A keen climber, skier and hiker, there is no picturesque scene out of reach and Kat effortlessly captures images, from snowy peaks to barren deserts.

Follow Kat Carney on Instagram


KT Miller - Skier, Wildlife Photographer

With an eye for nature at its’ most dramatic, KT Miller takes action-packed and snow kissed images of intrepid ski trips, whilst also featuring of some of the mountains’ most photogenic wild critters. A must follow for powder junkies and animal lovers alike.

Follow KT Miller on Instagram

Laura Bingham - Sailor, Cyclist and Adventurer

Laura’s adventures take her all over the world, and her Twitter feed is never short of uplifting stories or details of her next adventure. Laura’s achievements include sailing the Atlantic, and cycling from Ecuador to Argentina without money, using only grit and determination to power through.

Follow Laura Bingham on Instagram and her Website

Gaby James - Climber and Adventurer

Gaby is a chalk and knuckles climber with a story of triumph like no other. After a lead climbing accident, a serious fall and 30 fractures in her skull, she overcame her injuries to rebuild her motor skills and comprehension, all to get back on the rock as soon as she could. Each snapshot of her climbing adventures she uploads onto her Instagram seems to scream ‘carpe diem’ until it echoes around the mountains she inhabits.

Follow Gaby James on Instagram

Ness Knight - Rower, Adventurer, Cyclist

Made of the strongest stuff, Ness Knight is an explorer and blogger that really likes to make things difficult for herself. Imagine fat biking across the Namib desert? Ness did it alone. Cycling all the way across Bolivia? Ness did it with no money. Travelling down the length of the Missouri River? Ness did it on a stand up paddleboard, you get the picture. Her website and social feeds are packed with snapshots of her training regimes and adventures, and they are equal parts compelling and inspiring.

Follow Ness Knight on Instagram and her Website

Let us know what inspires you to get outside? Tell us on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Henry is probably the least enthusiastic and most cynical member of the content team, but in spite of this, he does sometimes enjoy doing things.

Growing up in the bleak North West, Henry used the forests, lakes and hillsides of North Wales as a playground, developing a keen interest in walking, mountain biking and just being outside really.

Henry is a Mongol Rally veteran (2013, a fine vintage.) and still experiences the occasional pang of wanderlust and a confusing urge to fix hatchbacks. Henry is a Blue Peter badge holder circa. 1999, makes a really good Old Fashioned cocktail and takes Polaroid pictures for fun.

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Jess 14-03-17 21:12
What about Nicky Spinks - only woman to have completed a DOUBLE Bob Graham run - 132 miles across the Lake District tops non-stop in 48 hours
Henry Baker | Blacks Content Writer 21-03-17 09:13
Excellent call Jess! Some of the team were lucky enough to meet Nicky at Kendal Mountain Festival last year. She is certainly inspirational and definitely one to watch!

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